Sandia View Academy


Sandia View Academy is part of the Albuquerque Charter School League. We participate in the ACSL for school athletics  and we currently participate in the following sports; co-ed soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball, boys volleyball and girls volleyball.

The athletic program is an important part of the overall school academic program and helps to fulfill the overall school mission of honoring God by preparing students for a lifetime of service and academic success. Student-athletes are held to a standard of success for continued participation on athletic teams. Additionally the athletic program looks to enrich the student-athletes academic experience by educating the body and mind while providing for important opportunities for character development. Through the platform of sports our coaches teach and model the following:

  • A daily personal relationship with Christ and make Christ the center of each of our athletic teams.
  • Development of quality relationships with teammates, coaches, and opposing teams.
  • Grow and encourage school and community spirit for each of our athletic teams.
  • Development of good sportsmanship in balance with a competitive spirit.
  • Giving one’s very best to whatever one sets out to do.
  • Development of strong character including the traits of empathy, integrity, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and self-discipline.

Athletic Director: Paul Chavez

All Students that would like to participate in sports, must complete a physical and concussion form.

New Mexico Athletic Association Physical and Concussion Form