Sandia View Academy


Academic Program

Sandia View Academy’s academic programming is a college-preparatory curriculum geared to the mainstream learner. Some academic classes are taught at the college level. We utilize best practices and high yield instructional strategies. We provide a number of resources to students to help them be successful with the academics. Tutoring is available, and is scheduled by teachers.

Sandia View Academy offers 3 high school diplomas. A minimum of 25 credits is required for a general diploma in the state of NM. High school credits are determined by time spent in class.  A credit is defined as the units earned for a class meeting at least 200 minutes per week for 36 weeks. Laboratory classes meet 240 minutes per week. The final semester of the senior year must be taken in residence (at SVA). Only one credit of varsity sports may apply toward PE credits.

It is the student’s responsibility to take and complete the courses necessary for graduation in consultation with administration, teachers and parents.

Excellence and subject mastery are to be strived for in all subject areas. Neatness and promptness in completing work are used by teachers in calculating grades for all assignment. Student and parents will be given information at the beginning of the school year concerning how each course will be evaluated. Evaluation guidelines are determined in accordance with the Southwestern Union of Seventh-day Adventist Education Code.