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The costs of operating Sandia View Academy are extensive and it is our goal to enhance the learning experience with our school each year. We strive each day to be effective and efficient with our funds, but our goal is to go further and give each student as many opportunities and advantages as we can. Your gift to SVA makes a difference to each teacher and student in our school.

You can make a difference. Please consider making a  tax-deductible donation to Sandia View Academy.

Operations Fund

Is the most valuable fund to the operation of Sandia View Academy in that we may apply where the need is the greatest. These love donations are especially important because they contribute to the security and stability of the school program. This fund helps the school weather the ups and downs resulting from the fluctuation of enrollment from year to year.

Tuition Assistance Fund

Without gifts regularly made by donors, tuition assistance would not be possible. Funds are used to provide tuition assistance to students who require additional help in order to attend SVA. Because the cost of private, Christian education is expensive, many of the students who choose to attend SVA need some type of assistance Without this fund, enrollment would likely be much less. It is vital that we continue to receive funds to assist our students, especially in these financially difficult times. Gifts to the Tuition Assistance Fund are tax deductible provided the name of a student is not written on the donation.

Mission Trip

Giving to this fund helps provide financial support to students wanting to participate in Mission Trips with the school.

Special Projects

Often donors have a special interest in a specific aspect of the curriculum such as music, art, science, humanities, physical education, & technology. Special funds are established for each area and gifts to these funds enrich the quality of these programs. Our students benefit from high academic and spiritual input, which is why your donation is vital.

Capital Improvement Fund

As we continue to grow and build our new school, we need assistance with furnishing the building with new equipment.

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Please partner with us in helping students learn to develop leadership skills, serve the community, and achieve academic excellence as they prepare for college and career success.

No matter the size, your gift makes a difference. Thank you so much for supporting Christian education here at SVA.

Please contact our office at 505-898-0717 or at if you have any questions.

Payment Methods

  1. Make check payable to Sandia View Academy  (65 Sandia View Lane Corrales, NM 87048)
  2. Call the office at 505-898-0717 and payment can be processed over the phone.
  3. Pay online