Sandia View Academy

Faculty and Staff


Isaiah 40:29 MEV

“He gives power to the faint, and to those who have no might He increases strength.”

We serve a mighty and ever-powerful God, and His word proclaims His love for us! 

This summer 2019, His love was made tangible.  God paved the way so that SVA may return to its home base, its original campus. Transferring SVA from the Corrales SDA Church fellowship hall to the hill above was no easy task. Painstakingly, our major supporters and donors, in collaboration with Texico Conference, obtained authorization, permits, blueprints, manpower, and financial resources.  Teachers, students, and volunteers packed numerous boxes of school supplies and textbooks, and then loaded trucks and trailers under the blazing sun and unforgiving heat! Passionate people with one purpose: to provide SVA students with a better educational environment. By God’s hand, our might increased, and we are not faint.

“By endurance, we conquer” is our motto, and we proved that this year when classes began on day one in spite of construction.  On August 20th, teachers distributed course syllabi and textbooks.  Some teachers administered pre-tests and conducted ice breakers, while others gave assignments and discussed expectations.  No delay in starting off the new school year because committed and innovative teachers were willing to deliver instruction in the gym’s cafe, offices, music room, and even under the shady, cool trees.  Construction could not prevent instruction.

The Class of 2020 will be the first graduating class since 2009 to march with all the Pomp and Circumstance in our renovated gymnasium. What a day that will be to see the graduates walk across our very own stage! That day will come soon enough, but for now, we will focus intently on providing quality secondary Adventist education.  We will provide opportunities for students to meet Jesus and to develop a meaningful relationship with Him and with others.  We will train SVA students to become confident leaders in the community, in their churches, and in their homes.

Thank you for your support. While you keep us in prayers, please keep in touch. We welcome your participation and contributions in making SVA the best Adventist school for our students.

God is with us.

In His service, 

Ms. Chanda C. Castañeda, M.A. Ed




                   Principal                                                Office Manager, Counselor, Treasurer

Ms. Chanda Castaneda M.D, Edu                                           Ruth Soto



                 Larry Camp                                             Ms. Chanda Castaneda M.D, Edu

              Science and Art                                                                 English




       Mr. De’Armond Mitchell                                             Melissa Semakula

Social Studies, Life Skills, Health                          Religion, PE, Spanish, Media 




Athletic Director

Melissa Semakula

Boys and Girls Basketball Coach

Paul Chavez

Boys and Girls Soccer Coach

Aron Monge

Girls and Boys Volleyball Coach

Melissa Semakula


Sandia View Academy Board Chair

Paul Chavez

Partner Schools-Crestview Christian Academy & Sandia View Christian School & Adventist Academy of Santa Fe

Texico Conference of SDA– Derral Reeve, Education Superintendent