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We are proud of many things here at Sandia View Academy

These are but a few reasons we believe make Sandia View Academy an excellent school.  (Click on each one to find out more)

Christ-Focused Curriculum

Curriculum is designed to weave the thread of Christ’s sacrifice to restore our relationship with God throughout the learning activities.  Teachers regularly lead students in worship and prayer while still maintaining academic rigor.

Rigorous Academics

Our curriculum is college preparatory in nature.  Therefore, academic classes are taught at the level of honors classes.  Students are expected to apply and extend their learning as well as meet deadlines responsibly.  Students enrolled in our school system regularly outperform the state and national averages.  Students attending higher education report that they were well-prepared for their college experience.

Graduation Requirements

Athletics Program

Sandia View Academy is a member of the Albuquerque Charter School League.  ACSL offers league sports in the areas of soccer, flag-football, cross-country, basketball, and volleyball.  In recent years, our soccer team, as well as our men’s and women’s basketball team, have made play-offs for the league.  ACSL requires students to maintain a 2.0 GPA in the previous quarter.

Safe Environment

Student safety is important at Sandia View Academy.  Besides the expected physical safety, we value students emotional and spiritual safety.   Spiritually, students are taught to walk with Christ and follow his ways as found in the Bible.  Emotionally, students are taught to self-advocate and communicate through conflict resolution.  Students are taught to work through their differences with support from staff and peers. 

Family Feel

Sandia View Academy has a family environment.  It is small enough that students get to know each other and their teachers well.  The low student-teacher ratio allows students to have personal attention and get individual help from teachers.  Teachers regularly make themselves available to their students for tutoring and advice outside of class times.

Service Emphasis

Christianity implies love for God and man.  Therefore, Sandia View Academy provides and encourages opportunities for students to minister to their community.  One Friday each month, students minister in their community through activities such as Road Runner Food Bank, doing clean up at local elementary schools, providing chapels for elementary students, providing community beautification, and volunteering at local shelters.  Each month students minister on the weekend in their local churches through music, drama presentations, prayer, scripture, and preaching.  Many students often take advantage of mission trips such as helping with disaster relief through Adventist Community Services, going on mission trips to preach Christ, build churches, and teach children about Christ.  Recent locations have been Florida, New York,  Costa Rica, Arizona, Phillipines, and less recently Mexico.


Trips enhance and extend the education opportunities at Sandia View Academy.  Current trip opportunities include local trips such as Biology Outdoor Trip, Senior Survival, and field trips as well as out-of-state trips such as Leadership Camp, University Experience, Acrofest, Hoops Classic,  Music Festival, and Brain Games.  Students must maintain grades to be eligible for trips.

Academic Support

The purpose of school is to prepare students for their future.  To that end, students are offered free academic support by peer tutors and also their teachers.  Students who are most successful make regular use of tutoring and mentoring programs as needed.  Students who fall below 70% in any class are required to make use of tutoring services to help ensure the greatest possibility of academic success.

Spiritual Support

We believe that humans are made whole through restoration of relationship with Christ and that life is best when connected to our Creator.  Students often converse with staff about real life and spirituality.  Staff pray with students and provide applicable advice.  Students are encouraged to find their personal walk with Christ through the bible.  If needed, students are connected with professionals who provide help in areas of student need whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

Caring Teachers

Student surveys overwhelmingly  show that students value the fact that their teachers care about them.  While our staff are not perfect, they work hard on behalf of students and encourage them to reach their best…and it shows.  Having someone believe in you and push you to achieve your best even when things are difficult is priceless.  The staff at Sandia View Academy are on your side helping your achieve the best future you can whether that is  life on this earth or the life to come.

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