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Thank you for your interest in our Algebra High School Credit Program.

Please contact our Math Teacher to request a placement test.

I, Megan, am currently an eight-grade student at the Adventist Academy of Santa Fe, For the past two years, I have done the distance learning program with Sandia View Academy, and I am currently finishing up a course in geometry for high school credit. The distance learning program has allowed me to do more advanced math courses from the convenience of my school. Last year, I took algebra 1 from Mr. Jerry, and this year, I am taking geometry from Mr. Miller. While have only done math courses, Sandia View offers all of their courses through Zoom, the online classroom system that the school uses for distant learning (Zoom is similar to FaceTime an Skype, but set up in a classroom format). The online learning program is very through and convenient. I highly recommend it to those who want to do advanced credits.

8th Grade Student Testimonies

I still remember the day, just like yesterday when I was writing the quiz to qualify for the math program. It was all so sudden and I was just very nervous. I was that student at the back of the class who was willing to submit their work and kept checking it over a million times each time leaving the student even more confused. But as soon as I submitted the quiz, I felt I had done my best and it was time to leave the rest to God.

Fast forward to my first Algebra class, I was excited about the prospect of learning something new but I was also sad that it was way outside my comfort level. But as I sat in front of my chromebook, meeting Mr. Miller for the first time, I thought to myself “Oh, he seems nice and he’s actually making equations look easy” and as I listened to the students participating in the class, I thought “Okay, high schoolers aren’t as bad a movies portray them to be”.  I began to thinking to myself this might not be as bad as I thought it would be.

Fast forward to the present, now each time I log into Algebra class, I always look forward to Jennifer’s and Mr. Miller’s “Hi Ella!” and also the part where Mr. Miller says “so on Friday we are going to be having a quiz nothing hard” and true to his word, the quiz is easy. So although, I might not have the school’s uniform, nor know how the classrooms might it look like. I still consider myself as a knight not necessarily because of what I have learned but because of the opportunities I have been given and I am truly grateful to God and also to the SVA family for accepting me as one of them. Gooooo Knights – Ella